Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Vampire, Shade
Role Torturer
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Faction Vampires


Archimedes like most vampires has black hair, sharp teeth, and pale skin. Archimedes stands at 7'2" tall, looks fairly emaciated and has dry looking hazel eyes.  Archimedes also tends to wear a plague doctors mask, he wears it for the same reason the plague doctors of old wore it, to hold incense so that he wont smell the stench of rotting flesh, he also wears butchers or scientist clothing. Under his mask, he has facial tattoos indicating that he is much older than he lets on.


Mental illness often goes along with being a vampire, and any illness they develop usually worsens the longer they live, and Archimedes has some pretty bad illnesses including but not imited too:a minor case of Dissociative Identity Disorder Type One Bipolar disorder. He is also shown to be intensely sadistic, to the point that he will instinctively hurt people without realising it. He is also considered to be quite jovial and laidback, that is until someone irritates him just slightly, then he'll just flay you until he is told to do otherwise, interestingly enough, he is very loyal to those ihe believes are in a higher position and once they've fufilled their "purpose" he will without reason, just, well kill them.


Archimedes skills are mostly used to inflict pain on others. Archimedes has a extensive knowledge of poisons, medical tools and practices. Archimedes also is an expert neurosurgeon which he uses to his full advantage. Archimedes has many skills most of them are unknown due to his "Mysterious" nature (in reality not much is known about him because no one ever asks him about anything).