Gender "Male"
Age Unknown
Race Wooden Construct
Role Guardian
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Adventurers


Ben has the appearance of a 12ft tall wooden art mannequin.


Ben truly is sad in every sense of the word, being ben is like being a small box you can't escape and no one can hear you, no matter how hard you yell. Ben is often considered by others to be rude or angry, but in reality he is just frustrated that he will never be able to express his emotions, or be heard and listened too, to feel. Ben is very quick to give in to his emotions, and if he allows them, they will control him.


Ben being a colossal wooden art mannequin is very flexible and suprisingly stealthy. Ben emits an old and mysterious magical energy, which gives his magic-using friends the ability to use more magic without tiring themselves. Ben himself has his own magical abilitys such as: short-range teleportation and short-term invisibility.



  • Ben was originally part of one of Josh's many mini-comics.