Brennyn is the leader of "The Adventurers", a group dedicated to protecting the weak and beating the sh*t out of bad guys.      

Gender Male
Age 16
Race Human
Role Leader
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Adventurers


Brennyn has shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, light skin and is 5'10". Though his outfit may vary, one constant is a green denim fur-collared Jacket he has had since childhood.


Brennyn is a well-spoken, energetic and eccentric figure who is socially awkward but very resourceful. While he tends to shy away from large crowds of strangers, he is well known to be very sociable towards individuals and will never walk away from a conflict, especially ones that involve his friends, that being said, Brennyn tends to shy away from using sheer force and will always try to think things through and find a peaceful resolution.


Brennyn has a wide variety of skills, much like his friends, however most of them are academic or trivial.

Magic however, is a whole other matter. Brennyn is considered to be a master of the arcane arts, whether this is through training or rather he inherited this skill remains to be seen. His forte is Lightning and electrical magic, it seems to be the only magic he can fully rely on.