Gender Female
Age 15
Race Human
Role Something
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Adventurers


Christine has short brown hair with bangs and icey blue eyes. Christine is slightly tanned, ironically, because she spent most of her time in a Tundra environment. She usually wears her hair in pigtails with huge light blue bows. Christine has a beige colored sweater vest and she wears it over a white top. She also has a light blue skirt and knee high dark gray boots with a light blue outline. Sometimes she will wear a light blue witch hat.


Christine is mostly described as childish. She has a huge heart and cares for everyone and everything good. Though, she can be annoying and stubborn at times. Christine loves learning new spells but she never really succeeds in anything except ice magic. She is easily distracted but will help you when you're in trouble.


Christine is a skilled cryomancer . She knows a wide variety of spells but mostly uses a selected few. She has the capability to learn another divination (which she chose Air) but she fails terribly at it.