Gender Male
Age 18
Race Human
Role Tank/Housewife
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Adventurers


Josh has dark brown fluffy hair, brown eyes, light tan skin and stands at around 6'2". Josh is usually seen wearing his favorite sleevless hoodie, tee-shirts, shorts, combat boots and a large leather toolbelt.


Josh is usually considered a calm and collected dude. He also tends to be very loyal, always being there to help and comfort others. Despite being the "nice guy" Josh can be stern and cold when needed. Josh tends to trust easily and strongly which on more then one occasion has caused his defeat. Josh loves practical  jokes and solving puzzles and can be easily distracted by them.

Joshes interests also include: inventing, forging, playing video games, enchanting and hanging out with friends. More often than not his friends will do something that'll get him in trouble, leaving him to clean up the mess and take the blame.


Josh has a wide variety of skills at his his disposal, his incredible strength is the one he uses most often, also due to his ancestry and intelligence he is quite skilled with hardware and building things quickly in tight situations.

His intelligence also lends him good enough thoughts and ideas so that sometimes he dosnt even have to build something or resort to violence.