Ted 2
Gender Male
Age 18
Race Troll
Role Guardian
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Adventurers


14 feet tall with bull-like horns, Green fur, tough armor-like skin, Blackish eyes, large sharp teeth protruding from the lower jaw and long razor sharp retractable claws.


Ted is, like most trolls extremely protective of his kin, meaning he will give his live to protect Josh, who has a profound impact on who Ted is today. Ted despite being a male troll is very motherly towards his fellow adventurers. Ted is also surprisingly intelligent for a troll, this is most likely due to genetic modification. Ted is also a unique troll in the sense that he has the unusual ability to withstand the rays of the sun, even going to the extent of basking in its light. 


Ted is super skilled at fighting. But when you're an unstoppable war beast, you sorta expect that.