Gender Female
Age 3.5
Race Amazon
Role Destroyer
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Adventurers


Tina is the amongst tallest Adventurers, standing at 6'7", she has short pure black hair, iridescent irises,  pale green skin, and a muscular body frame. She most often wears a short-sleeved  shirt, with a fur-lined leather vest over it, she also wears dark  knee-length shorts and thigh-high socks with combat boots.


Tina was born an amazon but raised a human, making her very worried what people think about her and has even experienced a few identity crises. Tina is very attached to Brennyn seeing him as her father, and sees her friends as family. Tina is prone to fits of rage, making her insanely dangerous, she is also loyal and kind  she is somewhat random and nerdy cocky, competitive  and caring .


Tina is often considered to be the ultimate warrior, she is immensely  strong, even more so than Josh or Ted, Tina is also the fastest. Tina is extremely endurant, She is also trained in about every fighting style known to man.



  • Tina originally started out as a genetic experiment done by Brennyn and Josh.

Yeah. Not even Joking.