Alright People, with the heroes of our story almost completed, we need to focus on the bad guys of this series.

I am propsing a contest, Leonidas designs! To be honest, I'm giving this up to you guys because I have no Idea what "he" should look like.


Leonidas is a vampire. He is intelligent, strong, fast, and magical. Leonidas is very old but he is immortal and stuff, so he doesn't look old. he is  a strigoi, strigois have bright glowing blue irises. Leonidas has had a rough but a not neccessarily antagonistic past with the adventurers until now, maybe he was with them? maybe he was just some dude? we may never know, leonidas doesn't talk about the past but he wears it in the form of trophies and scars.

What I would like to see, but you don't have to do

1.Something militaristic, something that shows his weapons skills.

2.The gauntlet: Leonidas's main weapon is a magic gauntlet, maybe with a lock and chain motif? but it's up to you

3. I would like to see something taht makes him unique and really cool looking! something beyond dracula with a military outfit and a magic gauntlet, I mean you can incorporate that, but be unique about it!

Also When I say vampire I mean this:

and this


Not this:

and a note on the teeth, each type of vampire  has different teeth, Strigois have teeth like a lamprey, you know, something for puncturing and tearing. anyways you don't have to do this thing but it would be rad if you did!