I was at one point going to suggest that we should get more people to join up, ya know eliminating the need for all the extra bs characters, but uhhh, do to my uhhh, lack of confidence about this series... but then if i just got rid of an idea no one knew about, why would i talk about it, it would be terrible if someone else joined... * winkity- wink*

Anyway this isnt what this blog is about, this blog is about like the physicalities of this series: Voice actors animators (cos im pretty sure we'll some form of help with this, because pooof) Uhhh hmmm money? thats about it really, i can try to raise monies myself,  Voice actors.... ummmm i'll find some, but I am at least expecting you guys to voice your own characters, I am practicing animation and computer drawing so... yeah it would be cool if i got help with that..       And uhhhh OH YEAH, music, Josh... im looking to you on this on, cos apparently you're a musical geniuuuuuus, so yeah. uhhh new update iam already writing the next episode IAM supposed to write.. Ep 6

And writers any questions about sh*t should be directed towards me or Yogurt Spill as he is quite awesome when it comes to this series (i kinda feel like i shouldnt post this sentence cos the only other writer is josh :/)

But yeah guys, Stay Yo-tastic