The new storyline is….

Seven years prior to our main story, the adventurers were thriving with roughly 100 peeps in there group but then brennyn got everyone into a big fight with ‘ol leo and his dudes (over what and why idk give me time i'm doing this alone fyi) leaving only a few people left Brennyn, Josh, Ben, Ted, Holden, Dale, Allison, Claude, JT and bud

after that everyone went their separate ways despite Brennyn’s attempts to keep them together but their were too many feels between them all. anyway it’s 7 years later and we start out with Josh who is living in a city with his roommate lake, he wakes up late for work as his job as a patrolman (like a cop or somethin’) HE discovers everyone at his job has been too preoccupied with a prison breakout to notice he was late for work, so they send him and some detectives to investigate, as they investigate the crime scene Josh notices someone doesn’t  seem right, he looks around and see’s a detective he hadn’t before as he starts to confront him it turns out to be… Brennyn! Brennyn is investigating it for adventure (he is also poorly disguised) but he didn’t want to but ino Joshes life and mess stuff up, anyways after they solve the mystery they find out that they escapee was zachary and he is working for leo, which makes brennyn realise they need to stop them, so they go around searching for and gathering for old friends and bringing along new ones: Lake josh's roommate who turns out to be a former Adventurers fangirl who has her love re-enkindled, Christine an ice witch who brennyn met while everyone was separated, living lives and he was adventuring and Tina his adopted amazonian daughter whom he raised during his seven year adventure.

When Leonidas gets his power gauntlet the adventurers find this sword which they believe can stop his soul gauntlet if its power is unlocked so they find this grotto with guardian monsters, once those are dead, out of the middle of the center pond rises an obsidian obelisk along with a flight of stairs, josh walks up these stairs and stabs the sword into the obelisk, everything the obelisk touches turns to stone including the water, but out of the obelisk where the sword made a hole this black good seeps out and melts away all the stone and turns into a human sized creature that will do Joshes will as long as he releases him when he is done josh agrees. Once they beat leo the creature is granted freedom and possesses Josh’s body, corrupting him. then H’soj. after The thing is done with Hsoj it bursts out of him and becomes it’s adolescent form which slowly grows into our big bad that creates a bunch of pesky bad guys called the Dark Immortals.